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Bring location and context to your
mobile apps using Beaconstac

iBeacon-enabled proximity marketing and analytics platform
with ready-to-use iOS and Android SDKs for developers



Engage with your customers and offer exceptional service through location-aware mobile apps powered by Beaconstac

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Target customers at the right moment

Deliver context-aware information based on your customer's exact location inside an enclosed space. Use both geo-fences and micro-fences for fine-grained control.

Create proximity-based campaigns in minutes

Send text and rich text campaign messages - images, audio, video and HTML pages to your customers based on their location. Beaconstac's CMS and proximity messaging system lets you create location-aware campaigns in minutes.

Use beacons from any manufacturer

Use a combination of beacons from multiple hardware manufacturers. Beaconstac works with all iBeacon-compliant BLE hardware.

Get website-like analytics for physical spaces

Get website-like analytics for physical spaces. Measure visits, most frequented locations, time per visit, most popular campaigns etc. for a particular venue and visualize data in the form of heatmaps. Use the Beaconstac Analytics API to access raw data.

Ready-to-use SDKs and APIs

Drag and drop our iOS and Android SDKs into your app and start integrating Beacons in a matter of minutes. Use our Admin console to add beacons, control rules & actions, and manage your apps from a single user interface

Create data-driven campaigns

Integrate data from 3rd party tools such as your CRM, loyalty program management tool using web hooks and create intelligent rules and actions that allow deep, sophisticated targeting of customer behavior.

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