Deploy beacons, create and manage exceptional proximity marketing campaigns
without writing a single line of code

  • Enterprise-grade
    beacon hardware

    4 x AA replaceable battery-powered beacons that last for 5+ years. Enhanced microlocation down to 0.15m (0.5 ft) using a dual antenna.

  • Feature-rich
    Beaconstac app

    Manage and configure your fleet of beacons and experience proximity-based campaigns using the Beaconstac app.

  • Proximity messaging and
    analytics platform

    Deliver contextual information based on a customer’s proximity to the product
    and gather analytics.


See Proximity
marketing in action

The app lets you emulate a retail store
scenario and allows you to:

  • Add beacons Add beacons
  • Configure rules for each beacons Configure rules for each beacon
  • See proximity marketing in action See proximity marketing in action!

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