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    Proximity messaging

    Target customers at the right moment by delivering contextual information based on their proximity to the product and dwell time.

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    Analytics for physical spaces

    Measure visits, most frequented locations, time per visit, etc. for a particular venue and visualize data in the form of heatmaps.

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    Demo app and ready-to-use SDKs

    See proximity-marketing in action with our demo app and let your developer customize the app easily using our iOS and Android SDKs.

Download our demo app free from the App Store and experience how proximity marketing works in a retail store - All this without your developer's help!

engage with your customer engage with your customer

Our retail store demo app lets you:

  • Detect and add Beacons present in a retail store
  • Emulate a retail store scenario and add offers for various departments
  • Detect beacons and trigger an appropriate offer

Customize your proximity marketing campaigns and gather analytics
on user behaviour using the Beaconstac dashboard

iBeacon proximity iBeacon proximity

Add beacons from any hardware manufacturer

Add your beacon's UUID, major and minor numbers into the Beaconstac dashboard to add beacons. You can add beacons from multiple hardware manufacturers by entering different UUIDs.

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See Proximity
marketing in action

The app lets you emulate a retail store
scenario and allows you to:

  • Add beacons Add beacons
  • Configure rules for each beacons Configure rules for each beacon
  • See proximity marketing in action See proximity marketing in action!

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