Digital engagement for the physical world

MobStac has the tools for your business to engage customers offline using mobile.

Proximity marketing

Whether you are a small business or a big box retailer, in-store engagement is key. Send relevant offers and reward loyal customers when and where it matters most.

In-store analytics

Gather and visualize data about who your customers are and how they engage with your in-store experience. Think of it as Google Analytics for the physical world.

Indoor wayfinding

Bring the power of navigation to your indoor space and guide where GPS can’t. Offer turn-by-turn directions, interactive indoor maps and more.

We offer two products to help you achieve these goals, depending on your preferred approach.


An end-to-end solution for businesses to engage customers in a personalized way using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology

Through its combination of hardware and software, Beaconstac is the quickest and easiest way for businesses to bring location intelligence to their mobile apps and unlock the power of indoor location and proximity.



A consumer mobile app that enables users to discover and connect to free WiFi hotspots at airports, restaurants, retail shops and more

WiFire also allows businesses to run mobile marketing campaigns and track offline analytics using WiFi—all through the WiFire app, so that they don’t have to create their own.


500+ customers across 40 countries